Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What's on the DivaMommy's (lame) phone?

Um, first of all, let me tell you how much I hate my phone. It's a MyTouch, I was all excited to get it - touch screen and all. But, no.  It's slow, stupid and annoying. Sometimes it takes me over a minute for my phone to load so I can even make a call. It takes lousy photos. I was excited that maybe it would get better when the new operating system downloaded a few weeks ago. Nope. Still sucks. Worse.

And it just took me like an hour to get it to talk to my computer. Had to re-start the phone, after spending $1.20 on a now completely useless app. $1.20! That's like $.80 away from the sinful goodness that is a caramel cheesecake bite from Del Taco.

So, anyway, here's what's on my dumb phone. I really never take picture with it and I'm trying to remember too, but oh well. Here's what I got!

 This is her majesty, PrincessPrettyP at her cousin's birthday party. I did her facepainting - she was a cat! Meow!

 And the birthday girl herself with her cute rainbow butterfly w/matching flower. The colors were really much prettier in person. Did I mention my phone takes horrible photos?

I don't remember taking this picture, but it's BuddyBoy at Cane's. I can tell by the table and the corrugated metal behind him. Mmmmm. Canes.... 

 So I did this AWESOME Christmas Concert last week. Seriously. You can be proud of yourself when you're number one compliment was "Mariah WHO?" Yeah. Coolness. Anyway, this is a pic of my friend Taylor in rehearsal. He's crooning out Michael Buble's version of Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow. You better believe I'll be posting some video when I get it.

For the Christmas Concert, I wore a teal skirt, so I painted my toenails to match. Of course, Lollies had to match, too. So, I took a cute picture.  

And while this photo is not from my phone, it is from a friends, and it demonstrates said teal skirt. I bought it for the last cabaret at the famed Liberace Museum which closed. I sang alongside cast members from Phantom, Jersey Boys & Lion King and was the only girl with a solo. And - bonus - it was the perfect outfit for the Christmas concert, too. :)

And here is the DramaDad, up close! We took the kids to McD's to play at the play place, and I discovered that with the new phone update, my camera could now zoom. I tested it out on him! But what good is the zoom if the photos are blurry? Whatever. Hate my phone.

And here are what most of my phone photos look like. It would appear that Lollies stole my phone and  took photos while watching The Princess and the Frog on the 'puter.


I did get this adorable video of Lollies singing her favorite Pink song in the car. "You called me sugarrrrr"

Yup, ok, that's all. Seriously lame photos from my seriously lame phone. I hope I don't run into anyone famous and only have my phone on me to take a photo with them.


  1. That pencil skirt is amazingly awesome! Is it silk? I'm not asking in a creepy way...

  2. It's an iridescent stretch taffeta. I got it at Raphsodielle for like $20!!!

  3. Your family looks like so much fun!

    I love the face painting! Looks like you guys have tons of talent!

  4. That is a really cute skirt! and I LOVED the princess and the frog. sooo cute!
    Toesys are cute too!

  5. Man, that cat face painting is freaking awesome! Her pose is too cute too!

  6. Face painting = awesome! I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates my phone after being uber excited to get it!

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  8. ummm...friend who took afore mentioned picture of thedivamommy in teal skirt is moi.. just sayin'..thank you..

  9. ur facepaint is so much better than mine ever was. i'm just not as good as you. ur the original princess party QUEEN.

    love ur holiday outfit. i wanna see upclose!!

    i hate when my phone does stupid stuff too. u should get an iphone. they're perfect in every way :)

  10. Cute pictures. Better than my phone any day. I have te crappiest camera phone on the planet. Also, no offense about my toes. I laughed because you made a good point that I didn't even think of. But that is probably because feet don't bug me.

  11. "You call me sugar, you call me sugar....." She is so cute! :)

  12. i don't even have a cool touch screen anything, i'm pretty sure mine is from 1987. someday i can upgrade. ;)
    luvest thine skirt, even from afar!!
    and you're a freakin' good face painter. period.

  13. hahaha those are the only words i know to that song too ;o)
    i need a teal skirt....

  14. ok. i LOVE your header picture! your family is gorgeous!
    you rocked that teal skirt.
    my daughter LOVES princess and the frog.
    great pics! love your blog!

  15. I love the teal skirt! Let's see it up close!

    You must be T-Mobile, as am I. I used to have the G1, and in September I upgraded and got the Samsung Galaxy-S Vibrant. I LOVE IT. GET ONE. It's up there with the iPhone, I swear! T-mobile has pretty good customer service. I would call and go on and on about how crappy the phone is and why and get them to give you an upgrade for a different phone. Life is too short to deal with crappy phones.