Friday, December 17, 2010

2 Down!


Well, yesterday morning, I awoke to find out I'd won a CONTEST and that selected makeup products would be heading my way....FREE OF CHARGE!

I will receive the fabulous starry eyes primer, 10 samples and this yummy lip color (my choice)

Coolness! Thanks again, Carina Dolce Mineral Cosmetics! Great Christmas Sales going on!

Then I went to Target to finish up my Christmas shopping (really almost done, now) and found these little babies on clearance. Couldn't resist.

So, I got them. An early christmas gift if you will. I still want some grey heels and my black ones are a bit outdated, but I can't be too greedy. I need more clothes to go with them, too. LOL! I think maybe 1 day a week I'll start fashion blogging, just to see what happens. :)

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