Monday, December 13, 2010

My Christmas List!

Guess which one I will actually probably get.

1. iPad

It's soooo beautiful!

Why? Aside from the obvious coolness, it would be a fabulous business tool....for costumes, what an easy and convenient way to store costume renderings, shopping lists, measurements. For parties, it could play a video showing all my awesomeness, useful in planning, organizing. It could even be an instant karaoke player. yeah. And it can turn into a piano. And it's an IPAD!

2. Pretty Boots
Or something like these...

But I can't decide if I want them in grey or brown or tan. Ok, I want them in all 3. Not necessarily this style, either. But similar.Or the same. Cool. Maybe like brown flats, grey & tan heels...

3. Recording Equipment
Really awesome recording package on Musicians Friend.


GARAGE BAND (on a MacBook Pro, which I do not own) & Snowball (I have the snowball, but it doesn't play nice with my PC)

This should be self explanatory. I just want to SING! And record it. For posterity.

4. Vacay
Oh, sweet, sweet Hawaii!

In the past 2 years, my husband has been to the eastern Carribean, Bermuda and Hawaii. I've been to Spokane, WA and Edmonton, CA. Ummm... I mean, they were fun and I'm totally grateful, but they really aren't tropical. I find myself jonesing for a tropical environment - even though I've never been. My friends are heading to the Carribean for Christmas, I have another friend (several, actually) who are cruising the world. Jealous? Yes, indeed.

5. These fabulous makeups!!


Mmmmm...just mmmmmm.

These are great! I actually already ordered the white ultra sparkly stuff, I'll let you know what I think about it. They could be really super cool for makeover parties! Find them here, on Etsy @ CarinaDolci 

I'd also love new cooking implements and dishes. I got some dishes right before Ryder was born, almost 5 years ago, but most are broken. Oh, and we only needed a set of 4 back then. Clothes are always great. DramaDad always used to get me clothes for Christmas - in fact, for our first Christmas....


DramaDad and I met in June. We "hung out" while rehearsing for Fiddler On The Roof. We got engaged closing night, a week before Thanksgiving of that year. (1998 for those of you who care)

That year for Christmas, he literally bought me a whole new wardrobe. DramaDad is the coolest dresser ever.   He is like the king of clothes. In fact, next week - for Phone Photo Tuesday - I'm going to try to take pic's of him everyday to prove it. Anyway, he bought me like 7-8 pairs of jeans, a ton of tops, shoes...yeah. I was opening presents forever. Turns out he couldn't stand the way I dressed. And until Lollies altered my body forever and I can't just wear anything anymore, he got me clothes every year.  Now that my body shape is different and we have 4 kids and can't just go shopping together all the time, I've had to learn to shop for myself...hence - TEAL SKIRT!!! What? Want to see it close up???


As requested, closeup photos of the awesomeness that is my teal skirt. I love the high waisted, pencilness of it. And the really cool belt that came with it. And the ruched panels down the side. Slimming, sexy, shiny. Oh, and I have it in black satin as well.

This skirt makes me smile.
Ok, well, what a lovely look towards my Christmas future (ok, maybe not so's more a dream list than a wish list) and Christmas past. And my teal skirt.

Happy Holidays!!

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