Sunday, December 19, 2010

What do YOU wear to work?

Today I was a pirate. Well, kinda. A really nice pirate who facepainted and danced and sang. Yes, that is my job. Well, my weekend job. I actually have a lot of jobs. I digress...


The costume is mostly compliments of my friend Valinda.

I also went on a date with the DramaDad to celebrate his birthday (which is actually next Thursday but next week is kinda busy for us). It was fun, too.

And yesterday, while waiting for dad to teach his drama class, me and the kids hit up Ross and did a little damage.  Here's what the girls picked out.

Mowgli picked out a fun t-shirt and the awesome boots. Her style is very playful and she's starting to lean a little punk - so I was glad to find her some boots that were cute and she was happy with. Don't tell, but she does like to wear dresses and be girly sometimes, too. 

She's trying to copy dad's modeling suggestions. 

 But this I prefer her just having fun!

Then we have PrincessPrettyP, who totally lived up to her name and picked out a sassy white satin ruffle shirt, pinstriped dress pants and a boys fedora, which she totally and completely rocks. She is my little fashionista. Her poses are an homage to the King of Pop, Mr Michael Jackson who my children have developed quite an affinity for. In fact, in the car the other day, Young Micheal Jackson's "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" came on the radio and she says "Mom, you may not know the answer to this question, but who is going to be the new king of pop?" Precious.

Always Stylin'

And yes, she came up with these poses all by herself.