Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rockin' it out!

Well, sorry this blog won't be as exciting as I wanted it to be. I forgot my dang camera! And I feel really stupid because I waited for my husband for like 15 minutes to get ready, I dumped everything off the sim card...and then forgot it.

And, I should be cleaning. Instead, I'm blogging. But then I'll clean. I have too. Messes are ucky.

Anyway, so on Thursday night, my friends Keith & Kelly and DramaDad and I put on a little cabaret called Broadway Rocks! Featuring rock music from broadway.

I have requested a copy of my friends video so I can post some excerpts of the show. We sang music from shows like Next to Normal (a new rock musical about a woman with bi-polar disorder with amazing music), Spring Awakening, Tommy, Chess...and of course we had to do "Don't Stop Believin'" - it's in Rock of Ages, but we couldn't find their arrangement, so we had to do the Glee version...darn it!

Hmm....well, I guess that's about all until I have video. Oh, I did have PrincessPrettyP take my picture of my "rockin'" outfit. I liked it! 

The DAYBOOK treatment: shoes: applebottoms, jeans: paris blues - ross, top - target (pronounced Tar-shjay), sweater: thrifted, necklace - walmart (you wouldn't believe how cute it is!)

The only thing I bought for the day was the necklace. And the shoes I've had for a while but never a chance to wear them.

So tomorrow I'm singing a christmas song in church. One of my fav's - so that I'm actually excited to sing in church. It's called Christmas Lullaby by Jason Robert Brown. So beautiful and moving. Here's the original recording for your holiday listening enjoyment.

I wish I had decent recording equipment because one year for Christmas our whole family recorded Christmas songs. It was a great Christmas gift. Hmm....

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