Saturday, December 31, 2011

The DivaMommy's TOP TEN for 2011

I really had a wonderful enjoy it in PHOTOS and VIDEO!!!

10. FUGITIVE SONGS - a workshop of the music of MILLER & TYSEN! It was a really amazing experience. I'm posting a video of my favorite song, performed by my amazing friend BRANDON NIX and backed up by myself and another amazing friend, CIAN COEY! (There are several more videos on my facebook page.)

9. My iPad.

8. You'll Be In My Heart - A Concert Celebrating Your Favorite Animated Musicals A concert I put together as a fundraiser for Project Teddy. Will be making another appearance in 2012!! This is the finale...starring (from Left to Right) Me (SANDRA HUNTSMAN), AYLER EVAN, SHANNON WINKEL and JON SANGSTER with TONY LASORSA on Piano. I loved doing this show and the people who made it so wonderful (especially JESSICA RUETTIGAR who was our special guest.)

7. THE DROWSY CHAPERONE - COSTUMES. This is the only big show I costumed this year...but believe me, it was enough! It was huge...I'm still tired!

6. SHADES OF SINATRA - I became a sub for this show this year! So it's an ongoing gig. It's a fun show with some great people! Thanks to LISA ROGERS SMITH for the opportunity! Here's a snippet of the opening number...

5. THE WHO'S TOMMY - IN CONCERT! I have always wanted to do this show...never dreamed I would get to play Mrs. Walker! Here I am with BRANDON NIX as Mr. Walker in our 2 big numbers. It's rock music and I'm singing it! (There are other videos on my YouTube channel and check out these 2 links as well if you want to see more:  )

4. CHRISTMAS EXPERIENCE - My friend AARON COULSON and I put together this super fun show for Christmas with some incredible entertainers! KIDS! Here they are, along with JESSICA RUETTIGAR, MALIA BLUNT, TAYLOR WEST and MELANIE RADAN. The adult cast is me & AARON, KELLIE WRIGHT, JUSTIN ROGRIGUEZ, TRACI KESISIAN, LYSSA BAKER and ADRIAN ZMED!

3. SMOKEY JOE'S CAFE - I really loved doing this show! It started out as just 3 performances in September and was extended through December! I've never had that happen before, so it was super cool. And we are being promoted, so it may come back again! Here's a video of me in the show and then check out this link for our promotional video!

2. MY FRIENDS! I cannot end this year without looking back and appreciating some enduring friendships and celebrating some wonderful new friendships! So BIG HUGS to all my friends, but I'd like to point out a few who have been a little extra special this year. You are ALL so special to me, please know that!


THE CAST OF TOMMY - what a wonderful experience we had...I love you all!

FRANCESCA CAMUS, LANCE BRYANT (why do we have no pictures together that I can find?) - 2 shows together and some concerts - you both enrich my life! And STEPHANIE SANCHEZ - you're amazing and my hero in many ways. And TAI LEWIS... ALWAYS fantastic when our lives cross.

AARON COULSON - Oh, Cousin Kevin!! Who'da thunk we'd be such a dynamic duo. You know you hold a special place in my heart.

AYLER EVAN, SHANNON WINKEL, JON SANGSTER, JESSICA RUETTIGAR, and TONY LASORSA - aka YOU'LL BE IN MY HEART... you are all in my heart for sharing your talents. It was SO much fun, thank you, thank you, thank you!

SMOKEY JOE'S FRIENDS! I love you all SOO MUCH! What a fun ride we had...I really hope we get to do it shimmy dress is getting dusty!

JESSICA REUTTIGAR - I don't know who loves you more, me or Lola, but I simply adore you and your family. You are an amazing young lady and I'm privileged to have you as a friend. And son. :)

JACQUELINE WALKER - will the REAL Mrs. Walker please stand up? You were the MOST BEAUTIFUL BRIDE! Thanks for being a friend and confidant. I love you!

BRANDON NIX and JEREMY ENGLAND... words escape me... so it will have to do to say thanks for the wonderful friends and people you are. I love you! No, I SUPER love you!

And ANDREW WRIGHT....thanks for the opportunities and everything. The Rennaissance has just begun. :)


NUMBER ONE! MY FAMILY!!!! Performing may have been my first love, but my family is my true love! 

HONEY - You never cease to amaze me and I couldn't be prouder of all the things you do...your passion and drive inspire me and I'm truly a better person because of you. We are the perfect team and I can't wait for what the next year holds. I SUPER SUPER SUPER DUPER love you. :)

It's impossible to describe the AMAZINGNESS of having children...I'm so proud of all of them, each of their individualities and the relationships I have with them. This year was fun because I go to perform SO much...but it was wonderful and meaningful because I have my family. :)

2012 - Let's DO THIS!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Did you miss me?

Well, I missed you! But for good reason!

I can't believe I actually got to do (as in PERFORM IN) 2 shows in 2 months - plus a few nights in my semi-regular gig! It's exciting! You can tell by my overzealous use of exclamation points!

So, here's some highlights!

First up was The Who's Tommy! I've loved this show forever and never in a million years even thought of playing Mrs Walker - she's an alto and I'm, well, I'm not!

But it was super fun to stretch my chords in a different direction and find a new tone. Plus, an amazingly fabulous cast and it was an excellent experience!

Here's a few pics:

 Pregnant again for 5 minutes a night was all I needed to remind me - yup, I'm good!

4 year old Tommy - so adorable!

 10 Year Old Tommy - Blind, Deaf and Dumb!

 I just like my dramatic pose here!

And 18 year old Tommy...yes, technically I went from 17 to 38 in this show, but we didn't play up the age thing too much! It was technically a concert version. 

And with my Captain Walker, the handsome and talented Brandon Nix. 

The best parts of this show was being able to play a mother - someone I could really relate to (she's not crazy like in the movie), getting to sing ROCK music and playing opposite someone as talented and professional as Brandon. He's a true rockstar! 

Here's a link to a 25 minute edit of the show on YouTube if you're interested.

And here's me being a rockstar! (The rockin' starts at 4:00, but the duet is my favorite song so just watch it all, ok?)

Up next - Smokey Joe's Cafe! Kinda just fell into this one, too - because of Tommy. But it's taken me in a whole other direction which includes dancing. By myself. In a fringe dress. That's really short. Ummmm....YIKES! Sorry, no pics of said shimmy dress! I don't stop moving long enough to get a decent screen shot! 

Smokey Joe's is pretty much straight music - and here's my highlights! 

The amazing cast!!

So, yeah...not trying to brag or anything....heavens knows I have mucho room for improvement, just really happy to have had some great opportunities and wanting to share the diva part of my life a little!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yes, I'm alive!

Have you given up on me? Wondering where on earth the DivaMommy could have gone? Checking back daily in hopes that something new will finally be posted? Notice the theme of my recent blog posts...(aka why do I post so infrequently?) Yeah. I guess that's my theme.

Well, today's your lucky day....right?

Yeah, I just really stink at blogging when I'm super busy. And I've been super busy. Once's a list.

1. Did 3 rentals/shows in 2 weeks. I mean, I worked on them before, but they were all due within days of each other. Into the Woods Jr (We re-build almost everything for the Jr High kids), Seussical Jr and Alice in Wonderland (2 sets) for DramaDad's theatre class.

 The Baker and Baker's Wife in Into the Woods Jr

 Gertrude costume from Seussical

 Amayzing Mayzie costume from Seussical JR

2. Built costumes for The Drowsy Chaperone. This was a full scale, larger budget production. It was really fun. I'll do an in-depth blog about them when I get better photos, but here's some of my fav's for now!

Janet Van De Graaf's opening coat

Janet and Robert (the handsome guy in white is my hubby!)

 My friend Kellie as the Drowsy Chaperone

 ADOLPHO! King of Romance

Kellie in one of my favorite costumes.

As you can see, it was quite an undertaking I coudn't have completed without Valinda or my husband, the shopper. Man, was I EXHAUSTED! I've never worked so hard, but man, was I proud! Check out a video of what an amazing show it was. HONORED to have been a part of it.

THE DROWSY CHAPERONE - Super Summer Theatre 2011 from Philip Shelburne on Vimeo.

Oh yeah, one more time...the hottie in the white tux who's tap dancing and skating...that's the DramaDad, my amazingly talented husband.

3. I'm in a show! I'm a sub for Shades of Sinatra that plays at a local hotel/casino. I've gone in 3 times, all of them fun! I only have a bad cell phone photo for now, but it's better than nothing!

Check it out!!  It's fun to sing some great standards like Wee Small Hours of the Morning, My Funny Valentine, Come Rain or Come Shine, The Best is Yet To Come, NY's really fun!

4. I'm in ANOTHER show! I'm doing a staged concert version of The Who's Tommy - the musical version. I'm playing MRS WALKER! It's a show I've loved forever and I get to costar with some amazing people. I'm thinking I'll document tomorrow night's rehearsal...with the BAND!!! (**This show is not for the faint of heart. It's all rock and roll with some pretty shady characters.) But it really explores some interesting territory and it's very fulfilling to actually play a mother and deal with a rather stressed marriage onstage. And sing rock music! Such a challenge, SOOO much fun! For my Vegas friends, playing at the Ovation Room in Green Valley Ranch on Tuesdays during August - the 9th through the 30th at 8 pm. Contact me for tickets...only $15!

Well, that may not seem like a lot, but trust me, it has been! I'm working on costumes for 5 Guys Named Moe, but there are only 8 of them. So this month I'm trying to take some time with me kids, do some fun things. They were a little neglected the past two months while I was a costuming crazy lady!

Gonna get back to blogging.... :)

Monday, June 20, 2011


Ok. So, I haven't been here since April.

I realize that I'm always "finding myself." Like, every 2 or 3 months. So, maybe I'm not really getting it.

I feel like there's something really great out there for me and I just haven't figured it out. Don't get me wrong, I am blessed with an amazing husband and truly wonderful children and I promise that I never lose sight of that.

So, for now, I'm content in the search and allowing myself to feel out my emotions and examine where they're coming from, and that's the best I can do for now. And not be so quick to figure it out.

Ok. Thanks for listening.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Where have you BEEN?

You may be wondering that. Maybe you don't even check my blog anymore. Maybe you've given up on the fascinating life of the Diva Mommy.

I wouldn't blame you. Maybe I kinda have too. Thing is, I've done all these great things lately but I never took any photos. Probably because I always hate how I look in candids with my decent but still cheap camera. I keep thinking "if I had a fancy camera, maybe I'd be happier" but in reality, it takes at least 75 frames for me to get just one photo I like.

Anyway, here's a list of the fascinating things I've done and what I've worn - which I have been very proud of, just haven't taken any photos. Which stinks. So use your imagination.

1. Sang at a fancy fundraiser at a club so fancy they only had valet...imagine my chagrin at pulling up in my beat up jalopy old van. But I found an amazing Calvin Klein Gown at Ross for like $30 and fantastic nude Madden Girl stillettos - also at Ross. Add a gorgeous crystal bracelet - from Walgreens of all places, red lipstick and 40's glamour girl hair, and I was rockin' it. I tried to take a video of my performance, but you can't see a thing! It was too dark. :( Too bad I have no spare time to re-enact the outfit.

2. Finished my Clown's super cute, just haven't had time for photos.

3. Started a new "Sleeping Beauty" dress and abandoned it. Really wasn't working for that princess. It's gorgeous and will be completed as something entirely different. Someday soon...ish

4. Did 4 showgirl costumes for Singin' in the Rain. Took some pretty ugly black evening gowns of the wrong period and did them up right! Will also have photos...

5. Made a super cool burlesque costume...the Sound of Music in 5 minutes...several tear away costumes from a nun's habit to an oversized uniform to Boulders, a Stream and a light up rainbow headpiece. Yeah.

6. Gonna make a wedding dress..

7. Gonna go to Fashion Week....maybe...

8. Performed in an amazing concert of original music that has only been performed once broadway. Got to work with the composer/ was really cool. Wore my awesome floral print maxi dress w/mustard sweater that I re-constructed to be modest. Beach waves, very dressy casual and oh so comfy!

9. Making a new Rapunzel bodice tonight to replace the one I sold. Re-doing the wig, also.

Ok, that's about all. I promise photos someday. There's a huge part of me that wants to be a fashion blogger but I don't quite have the confidence. SO - we'll see.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Let down your HAIR!

So, amidst the insanity of getting a show out this week, I carved out time to whip up my Rapunzel costume!

I bought the pretty sparkly fabric I used on the skirt inset in January when we took our unexpected trip to Southern California. I got it at my favorite fabric store - which happens to be in Anaheim.

It's taken me the last month to find all of the other fabrics - the bodice came from JoAnn, the skirt from Hancock. I already had the wide trim for the sleeves and the purple trim on the bodice was a last minute addition - also from JoAnn's. The border of  flowers on the skirt was created by cutting out the flowers from the leftover fabric from the insert and some really cool gold fabric I bought for my holiday princess I haven't gotten around to making...yet. Oh - the undersleeves - I bought a lace shirt from a thrift store and dyed it pink and added the white lace. This will be nice because it's washable and it isn't easy to launder my costumes.

 I really like how it all turned out. It wasn't easy finding the perfect purples and lavenders!

The wig was a huge pain! It's 3 wigs sewn together. And it's HEAVY. I have to figure out some way to attach the braid to the costume. My neck had a huge kink by the time I was done with that party!

While shopping for my other project this week, I made an impulse purchase...which will hopefully result in a new Sleeping Beauty costume soon. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

5 Things!

I'm super busy...but I wanted to share 5 things in my life right now that I happen to love!

1. My Camelback water bottle

2. The Hunger Games series...I read it this weekend. Yes, the whole series. On Kindle for Android.

3. My husbands amazing staging and photoshop work for an upcoming production of Singin' in the Rain! Photos shot by shereeflickphotography, starring my good friend, the handsome and talented Evan Litt.

4. Trenta Shaken Iced Tea - Passion

5. Coupons

I'm working like crazy on INTO THE WOODS - a rental that goes out this weekend. But I'm also working on a new princess... so I bet you'll be sooo excited to see that. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Princess...but not me!

Today I finished some costumes and did a photo shoot for my princess company!

This is Princess Brittani!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sometimes...I'm just cool.

(this post is also doubling as What's on the DIVAMOMMY's phone. Because I took all of these pic'shurs and videyos with my phone.)


I made this.

Which does this.

And looks like this with the lights on.

In this amazing studio:

Yeah. Sometimes I'm just cool.

(Shooting for projection images for my super cool summer dance show. The handsome fella in the above photograph is the choreographer.)

Totally forgot to take a picture in my awesome Sunday clothes yesterday. I usually just want to get home from church and take a nap. And I'm always late, so before church is out of the question.