Thursday, September 22, 2011

Did you miss me?

Well, I missed you! But for good reason!

I can't believe I actually got to do (as in PERFORM IN) 2 shows in 2 months - plus a few nights in my semi-regular gig! It's exciting! You can tell by my overzealous use of exclamation points!

So, here's some highlights!

First up was The Who's Tommy! I've loved this show forever and never in a million years even thought of playing Mrs Walker - she's an alto and I'm, well, I'm not!

But it was super fun to stretch my chords in a different direction and find a new tone. Plus, an amazingly fabulous cast and it was an excellent experience!

Here's a few pics:

 Pregnant again for 5 minutes a night was all I needed to remind me - yup, I'm good!

4 year old Tommy - so adorable!

 10 Year Old Tommy - Blind, Deaf and Dumb!

 I just like my dramatic pose here!

And 18 year old Tommy...yes, technically I went from 17 to 38 in this show, but we didn't play up the age thing too much! It was technically a concert version. 

And with my Captain Walker, the handsome and talented Brandon Nix. 

The best parts of this show was being able to play a mother - someone I could really relate to (she's not crazy like in the movie), getting to sing ROCK music and playing opposite someone as talented and professional as Brandon. He's a true rockstar! 

Here's a link to a 25 minute edit of the show on YouTube if you're interested.

And here's me being a rockstar! (The rockin' starts at 4:00, but the duet is my favorite song so just watch it all, ok?)

Up next - Smokey Joe's Cafe! Kinda just fell into this one, too - because of Tommy. But it's taken me in a whole other direction which includes dancing. By myself. In a fringe dress. That's really short. Ummmm....YIKES! Sorry, no pics of said shimmy dress! I don't stop moving long enough to get a decent screen shot! 

Smokey Joe's is pretty much straight music - and here's my highlights! 

The amazing cast!!

So, yeah...not trying to brag or anything....heavens knows I have mucho room for improvement, just really happy to have had some great opportunities and wanting to share the diva part of my life a little!

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