Sunday, February 20, 2011

Let down your HAIR!

So, amidst the insanity of getting a show out this week, I carved out time to whip up my Rapunzel costume!

I bought the pretty sparkly fabric I used on the skirt inset in January when we took our unexpected trip to Southern California. I got it at my favorite fabric store - which happens to be in Anaheim.

It's taken me the last month to find all of the other fabrics - the bodice came from JoAnn, the skirt from Hancock. I already had the wide trim for the sleeves and the purple trim on the bodice was a last minute addition - also from JoAnn's. The border of  flowers on the skirt was created by cutting out the flowers from the leftover fabric from the insert and some really cool gold fabric I bought for my holiday princess I haven't gotten around to making...yet. Oh - the undersleeves - I bought a lace shirt from a thrift store and dyed it pink and added the white lace. This will be nice because it's washable and it isn't easy to launder my costumes.

 I really like how it all turned out. It wasn't easy finding the perfect purples and lavenders!

The wig was a huge pain! It's 3 wigs sewn together. And it's HEAVY. I have to figure out some way to attach the braid to the costume. My neck had a huge kink by the time I was done with that party!

While shopping for my other project this week, I made an impulse purchase...which will hopefully result in a new Sleeping Beauty costume soon. 

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