Friday, April 1, 2011

Where have you BEEN?

You may be wondering that. Maybe you don't even check my blog anymore. Maybe you've given up on the fascinating life of the Diva Mommy.

I wouldn't blame you. Maybe I kinda have too. Thing is, I've done all these great things lately but I never took any photos. Probably because I always hate how I look in candids with my decent but still cheap camera. I keep thinking "if I had a fancy camera, maybe I'd be happier" but in reality, it takes at least 75 frames for me to get just one photo I like.

Anyway, here's a list of the fascinating things I've done and what I've worn - which I have been very proud of, just haven't taken any photos. Which stinks. So use your imagination.

1. Sang at a fancy fundraiser at a club so fancy they only had valet...imagine my chagrin at pulling up in my beat up jalopy old van. But I found an amazing Calvin Klein Gown at Ross for like $30 and fantastic nude Madden Girl stillettos - also at Ross. Add a gorgeous crystal bracelet - from Walgreens of all places, red lipstick and 40's glamour girl hair, and I was rockin' it. I tried to take a video of my performance, but you can't see a thing! It was too dark. :( Too bad I have no spare time to re-enact the outfit.

2. Finished my Clown's super cute, just haven't had time for photos.

3. Started a new "Sleeping Beauty" dress and abandoned it. Really wasn't working for that princess. It's gorgeous and will be completed as something entirely different. Someday soon...ish

4. Did 4 showgirl costumes for Singin' in the Rain. Took some pretty ugly black evening gowns of the wrong period and did them up right! Will also have photos...

5. Made a super cool burlesque costume...the Sound of Music in 5 minutes...several tear away costumes from a nun's habit to an oversized uniform to Boulders, a Stream and a light up rainbow headpiece. Yeah.

6. Gonna make a wedding dress..

7. Gonna go to Fashion Week....maybe...

8. Performed in an amazing concert of original music that has only been performed once broadway. Got to work with the composer/ was really cool. Wore my awesome floral print maxi dress w/mustard sweater that I re-constructed to be modest. Beach waves, very dressy casual and oh so comfy!

9. Making a new Rapunzel bodice tonight to replace the one I sold. Re-doing the wig, also.

Ok, that's about all. I promise photos someday. There's a huge part of me that wants to be a fashion blogger but I don't quite have the confidence. SO - we'll see.


  1. That's all? Well you've been slacking, I'll bet you've slept at least 4 or 5 hours a night! It was fun to have you over the other day, let's do it again!!

  2. I'm sorry..and you are....? you'll have to refresh my memory! ;)