Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Work much?

Today was a long day. It's actually not over. I still have to clean the kitchen (in which nearly every dish I own is in need of washing) and work out. Kenpo tonight - my favorite! (really, I actually like that one)

I had one 2 things I planned on doing, but instead - I did about a million. So, I complained on Facebook that I have too many jobs.

Here's a list:

THINGS I GET PAID TO DO (in order of glamorousness...kinda):


Princess Parties - Business Owner

Princess Parties - Independent Contractor

Theatrical Costume Rentals/Builds  - THE DRAMA CLOSET (our business)

Rental Representative - Signature Productions
(don't you just love how I put my own picture on the rentals button? Tee hee!!)

Custom Costumes

Web Designer/Web Master - Signature Productions

Wardrobe Supervisor - Stage AND Film
(The gentleman on the left is famous author Terry Goodkind!)

ALSO: Musical Theatre Class teacher, Demo Singer (only once, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat!), Alterations...

JOBS I DO NOT GET PAID FOR, well, in money.

Wife ( the DramaDad, but being married is WORK!!!)

Mom (the hardest job by far. But most rewarding. Or at least it will be someday, right?)

Performing (It goes both ways....)
Housekeeper & Chef (definitely my most hated job)

ALSO: Husband's personal secretary, taxi driver, computer tech support, music editor, nurse, toy-put-er-together-er, Santa's special assistant, ditto for the toothfairy, easterbunny...etc., accountant, tax representative, BLOGGER...etc.

SORRY some of the pics are out of alignment...blogger's a little bi-polar tonight.

So yeah. I keep a lot of balls in the air. I look forward to the day when one or two avenues outshine all the rest and I can cut back, focus a little more on fewer things. I definitely can have focus issues when I'm trying to put together a new website for my rental business but I have to answer a million emails for my rental rep job and really have to get my girls to clean their bedroom. And do laundry. And dinner. And the dishes.

Oh well, I really am grateful for everything I have and get to do! I'm the busiest I've ever been, but I'm also the happiest I've ever been.

And once again I've blogged when I should be doing something else. Oh well. It's like therapy. Free therapy.

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