Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's TUESDAY! What's on the DIVAMOMMY's phone?

Well, I have a minute while my phone re-boots in the hopes that I will be able to get my photos off of it.

For those of you who loved my teal skirt, click here and scroll down. I took a closeup for ya.

And I now have 8 followers!  I have decided to do a cool giveaway...I'm not sure what yet, but I'm a woman of many talents. As soon as I get to lucky 13 followers, I'll do a giveaway that's only open to followers of my blog!

And now...for my phone.

Oh, wait...this coming week I'm setting a goal to take photos of my handsome DramaDad because he always looks so great, even if he's just running to the store or puttering around the house.

And now for my phone for reals.

First up, the kiddos brought me pictures they had drawn of me. Ahhhhh!

 This is from Lollies. She was so proud!

 And BuddyBoy said it was me as a spider. Ahhhh!

Then I made a lemon meringue pie. I took a picture, but strangely, my phone did not save it or something. Strange, huh? is what was left of it. Mmmmmmmm.....

And here's our lovely Christmas tree. It's kinda got a mardi gras theme...DramaDad is very creative.

I was rehearsing for my cabaret last week, and Lollies just had to join in the fun. 

And here's DramaDad doing his best Bernadette Peters impression.

Oh, too much fun. Now I'm off to comment on ALL OF YOUR TUESDAY phone blogs.

This post is brought to you by The Lowe Family News, the letter T and the number10.


  1. Maybe I will just have to go blonde then. :)

    I love the "picture of you as a spider". That is adorable!

  2. SUPER cute blog! Had to become a follower! Lucky #9 I think... :) #13 is the best number to shoot for though!
    Sweet Christmas tree!

  3. so we basically have the same girls morphed into one, haha! that is cool.
    um, i want some of the invisible lemon meringue pie and i heart kid drawrings...;)

  4. Love your kiddy drawings and you tree tree is wonderful!

  5. I also want some pie. Yum! Your tree is very picturesque. Awesome pictures.

    Of course, like mommy like daughter. So cute!

  6. ooo ive never had lemon meringue before..i bet its good! and your tree is so cute!

  7. I like the spider mommy picture! Kids are so awesome - and you're tree is wonderful.

  8. i think i need the leopard print looking chair..just sayin'

  9. Love your tree, and the kids drawings are too cute :)
    Ang xxx

  10. kids pictures are thee best! your tree is awesome. i didn't know bernadette had a clone. who knew?

  11. Love the skirt. Did u already say WHER u got it? I'm
    Kinda slow.

    My lover ALSO always looks super hot no matter what he's doing or wearing. How is that? It makes me feel blah. But lucky blah!!