Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Phone-mas! aka, What's on DivaMommy's Phone!


I'm always forgetting to give Jessica the credit for this awesome Tuesday tradition.

So, let me just tell you that I missed some great photos this week because my PHONE is stupid. I did a hard re-set and it seems to be working better. Humph!!!

Please check out my Christmas recordings on the LEFT/RIGHT hand side of the page! You've got me and my little munch kins singing some fun little tunes. :)

Let the captions do the 'splainin.

Lollies took this picture of me working on the computer.

 Lollies taking my 'order'. I love it when kids play restaurant.

The DivaMommy as a pirate for a little 1 year old's party.

Myself and Lollies enjoying a Sunday afternoon nap. Lollies sure worked her way into a lot of my photos. 

 A picture of a rather crummy looking top hat, but I needed to show the shape for a project I'm working on.

 Me showing of my cutsey self in my new Carina Dolce Cosmetics! I won a contest and I LOVE their products.
I can't wait to order more, but I have to because she's on vacay until the 27th.

DramaDad looking all serious at an Exploration Rehearsal for this super cool, pretty BIG FREAKING DEAL dance show we're working on.
It will be playing in NYC in July for DANCE WEEK! 

Finally, an amazing projection test - also at the exploration rehearsal for the dance show. 

Thanks for taking a peak at my crazy life! 
Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!!!


  1. aww i used to play restaurant.
    your hair is gorgeous and i love
    your hat too lol

  2. Great pics this week. Oh I totally love your Christmas picture at the end. Is that your Christmas card?
    Ang xxx

  3. hello bestie ;)
    i luv how you are the only one taking the "nap". LOL
    you rock your makeup and cutesie hat, and you guys are all too glamorous and hot in all your fam pics!
    oh and your hubby's "blue steel" face is priceless. ;D
    my caramel recipe is on my blog in my phone post, just click on the link above the caramel pic. or scroll down to Sunday's post.
    now stop being so cool without me or i'll have to steal your blurry mustard sweater from the 1st pic...

  4. You make a cute pirate!
    I have to know! What is your hat project? I made a Mad Hatter hat for my hubby to wear for Halloween. If you decide to check it out don't judge too harshly. It was my first attempt!
    I love your cutesy pictures! That hat is adorable!
    Your family pic is just gorgeous!
    Merry Christmas to you!

  5. I *heart* the pirate hat. My kids LOVE playing pirates (they all did a pirate theme Halloween before last, so this is close to my heart). Your family is just GORGEOUS!! Merry Christmas!

  6. nice post and I love your hat !!
    visit my blog <3

  7. i just want ur hat. and u look BEAUTIFUL in ur self usual. oh and feel free to make my dress for me. i feel like i overwhelm valinda with my projects. she's still got kora's baptism dress in line for production. plus it might b e nice to have two in two colors. *wink*