Sunday, November 28, 2010

Purty Picshures!

Soo....I recently went Blonde, which you can see if you compare my profile picture to my header.

And I'm doing this Christmas concert and I needed a new headshot.

DIVA-NITION: Headshot: Noun,  A photograph used by anyone in the entertainment business, like the DivaMommy, to submit to a casting director to represent your likeness in the best possible light, including generous use of makeup and surreptitious use of photoshop to change, alter and or manipulate said artist to look thinner, younger and more attractive than they really do in person in hopes that the casting director will forget how you looked in person and remember only your beautiful, angelic headshot. Also used in theatrical programs with the same purpose in mind, this time with the intention on duping the audience.

Fortunately for me, I happen to have a sister in law who's a photographer. DramaDad told me to call her, but I didn't want to bug her. But, the next day she happened to text to see if she could come over to my house and have me take photos of her family for their Christmas card!  EUREKA!

So, I got all purdy and took some quick shots.

How many photos does it take to get a good one? In this case, 70. I think I'm a pretty good model, but I wasn't really feeling the vibe this time. I did end up with a few good shots, one I'm really happy with!

Tah Dah!!

Why is this a good one? Because I look pleasant, friendly and easy to work with. I like the interesting porportions, but it also crops nicely to an 8x10.

8x10 - the industry standard! does one arrive at this photo? Well, first you sort through the 70 shots taken. Avoiding ones like these:

Hello, chins. 

DIVAFACT: My chin/neck is my least favorite feature. 80% of my 'bad' photographs are made bad because of my neck/chin. I'm sure if I lost that pesky 10 lbs that my last baby left me the problem would diminish. But no...I'm a little to fond of the drink. Dr Pepper, that is. And the dairy...cheesecake, cheesecake bites from Del Taco, sour cream, cheese, cheese enchiladas with sour get the picture. HA! You get the "PICTURE" - get it? Sigh.

The "trying to stare off into the distance but just looking 'touched' pose"

The Sexpot Sandra. Oooh, baby!

The SOOO close shot. If I would have just "smized", Tyra would have been proud.

And then you find this one. This is the one I picked in it's raw form.

Can you see the potential?

As you can see, it is not without flaws. The color is a little weak, the eyes are a little baggy. It's PHOTOSHOP TIME!!!!!

First, I adjust the exposure.

Then adjust the brightness and contrast. Helps to pop the colors.

With a paintbrush tool, blur and smart fix, I brush over my blemishes.

And fixed my tooth!

Once I have a good, raw image, I start to play! I use all sorts of fun things, most of which are PHOTOSHOP Actions and processes to alter and make the photo artistic!

This one's called Dragonizer. It's DramaDad's favorite.

This one is called Sepia Midnight. I really like this action.

And this is one I got from my blog obsession, the DAYBOOK!

And of course, black and white.

So, now that you're sick of looking at me, at least you know the process that it takes to have a good headshot.

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