Friday, November 12, 2010

The DivaMommy is the DealQueen!

So, I must CONFESS! In the last few months, I've developed an unhealthy obsession with Savers. For those of you who don't know, it's a thrift store set up very much like a department store. The clothes are well seperated - by size, then color and in wonderful categories like long sleeve knit, short sleeve knit, sleeveless, sweaters....etc. Very easy to navigate. And, they are HUGE! Lots of great stuff.

Today all CLOTHES and ACCESSORIES and SHOES were 50% off. DramaDad and I are costuming a show for a high school in SoCal, so we took advantage of the sale to knock out a big chunk of what we needed. We are really good at finding great stuff at Savers. And, were picky.

But, I took advantage of the sale to pick up some much needed schtuff - like jeans for my precious 4 year old buddyboy who's too tall for his 4t jeans. Had to shop in the boys section, not the toddlers. That SUCKED! But got some cute, cute, CUTE jeans for $3-$4 a pop. Some for Lollies and PrincessPrettyP, too. And some cute sweaters and shirts for Lollies, everyone got shoes (BuddyBoy & PrincessPrettyP's were only $1.50!) and both were practically new. The girls (I call Mowgli and PrincessPrettyP the girls, just so you know) both got 2 church dresses, Lollies one and BuddyBoy got church pants and a shirt.

DramaDad added to his never ending supply of Jeans. Yeah, he probably has 10 times as many as I do. At least 5 times, I don't have many pairs, mostly because I hate trying them on!

It's getting chilly, so both girls picked up coats and I grabbed some long sleeve shirts and sweaters. I love sweaters!

But, the bargain/treasure of the day goes to....drum roll please....


Shown here, on DramaDad's AMAZING DISTRESSED CHEST OF DRAWERS , I have been in search of boots for some time to go with one of my character costumes....maybe a certain fashionista doll type....anyway, I bought some white ones and was going to paint them or cover them, but that's hard, boring work, so I never got around to it. I got some pink shoes instead and the costume was fine. But these....THESE are practically brand new, just my size and only FIVE DOLLARS!!!!! It does mean I'll have to re-tool the costume a bit, but it will be worth it for my beautiful pink boots. 

Anyway, we're all on a limited budget (and who isn't nowadays) and although I can't be bothered to add up how much we actually spent on our clothes and accessories, I know I got some great deals. And don't get me wrong - I'm picky! I won't take anything that looks worn or is stained or torn. Pretty much everything I get is either brand new or slightly used. I love to find brand name stuff, too. And I find it all the time. And, it's important to edit yourself - don't just buy something because it's cheap. If you won't use or wear it, it's still a waste of money. Oh, and be patient. We spent 8 hours in 3 different Savers (only a small portion of the time was spent shopping for our family. Most of it was for the show) so it does take diligence to find what you really good stuff - especially on sale days. Finally, it works best if you don't have something specific in mind. That can make it hard. But, you just never know what you'll find. 

But this is the first winter season in a while where I feel prepared with lots of great options for the kids to wear to stay warm and be cute...and I'll be rockin' the sweaters! 

I will DEFINITELY take some photos of the kids in their new outfits and show off!!! They'll have fun doing a fashion show.

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