Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's TUESDAY...that means..GLEE...and...WHAT'S ON MY PHONE!

CONFESSION! There are no new pictures on my phone. But, a lot I didn't share last week.

This is a linky to JESSICA!!!

First up, this is from Fresh & Easy. But, I had forgotten my phone. So, I used my backup. My real camera. I know, weird.

BuddyBoy and some special cheese...HA!

Ok, now to my real phone pics!

Ya'all know I'm a princess, right? It's my weekend job. I made all new, super fancy costumes last year and here's one of 'em that happened to be on my phone!

Some of these are old - this is my CINDERELLA dress over a year ago when I just finished it. Pretty, huh!

This is what I looks like in it!

The first Sunday of every month, DramaDad's side of the family gets together for family dinner.

This is PrincessPrettyP, BuddyBoy and Lollies and their cousins at family dinner last summer.

Oookeey. Sometimes I get asked to do these really random things. I was asked to do this cruise ship like show for a friend and got my first taste of sangin' country music. I did Dolly Pardon's classic 9-5. And then they made me wear this awful wig.  And then I screwed up the finale number because I'd never done it before with a micpac on and I had to lean back and it hurt and I really messed up the 'ography. Yeah. DivaFAIL.

Can you tell how much I love the wig? The top was super cute, though.

So, went to the midnight showing of New Moon last year and were stuck outside in the FREEZING COLD (it does get cold here) for like HOURS. Ok, maybe 45 minutes. I was stuck with my groovy pal Valinda (who is really annoying to watch the Twilight movies with 'cause she's always like "that's not in the book. Ugh. Shut up you stupid girls swooning over Robert Pattinson, I'm trying to watch this terrific (gag) piece of cinema") but I LOVE LOVE LOVE her.  As much as I loved the shirt on the guy in front of us. 

I so get you, dude!

My kids love to steal my phone and take random pictures and videos. LOTS of videos, very annoying actually. Most of their pic's are random photos of feet or the tv or something. But PrincessPrettyP was very proud of her "miniature adult dress" as she calls it, so she had to take a photo of her FABULOUSNESS!

PrincessPrettyP is our little fashionista!

JESSICA! This one's for YOU! My husband spent 4 weeks in Hawaii last month and on this night, he was sending me photos of the BEAUTIFUL BEACHES he was stuck with. I wanted to freakin' STRANGLE him. But he was in Hawaii, so that was pretty much impossible. However, he was on a cruise ship where they charge ridiculous amounts for any drinks except for water, iced tea and milk. Needless to say, he was pretty Dr Pepper deprived. So, I happened to be at a restaurant with my FABULOUS sister with a FULL glass of yummy, delicious DR PEPPER. Touché, my love.

Mmmm.....Dr Pepper. Mine and not yours. 

So, about a week before he was going to come home, we were feeling pretty sorry for ourselves. We were stuck at home while DramaDad was "working" in Hawaii (and by working, we mean cruising for 4 weeks straight, performing 2 whole nights a week.) and their cousins/grandma/aunts and uncle were heading to Disneyland. So, we got a picnic lunch and went to the park. Where it started to rain. Yeah. On the way home, there was the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen, so I tried to get a photo. With my awful camera phone.

It was SOOO way cooler than this.

Well folks...that's all she took. Seriously, those are all the somewhat interesting photos on my phone. So I'll have to actually take some this week. 


  1. I think you were actually WAY too nice about me and those movies! I also think that that shirt was one of my favorite parts of the whole night. The next time we wait for one of those movies it will be July, and icky hot. Ahhh things to look forward too.

  2. seriously, how do people sew, so amazingly?? you make a great cinderella!
    and i need that shirt. immediately.

  3. i love ur cinderella dress. can u move here and hire me to work for you? i'd be a really good employee, i promise!!

    that dr. pepper makes me thirsty. and yet, we are out so ur mean tricks are working for more than just ur lover.

    i love little girls taking pics of themselves. kora does it alllll the time. i gave her my old iphone (which doesn't do anything really but take pics and play music) and it's FILLLED with pics of her. and her. and more her.

    and i TOTALLY know what you mean about being asked to do weird things. why? why us?