Monday, November 15, 2010

My Hubby ROCKS!

Opened and Etsy store for my hubby today. See!  Matches his blog...which is technically mine, too because I'm the blog author. Yup, keeping my typing fingers in shape.

Anyway, at first he was reluctant, but then he decided it would be ok to have an Etsy shop for his goods.

Well, within 15 minutes of posting his first item, it was featured in a treasury - see here! 

Within an hour, I had a convo (message) asking about shipping. Answered the question and BOOM! Our first sale. Seriously?

Then, just after it sold, ANOTHER convo asking about it. I promised we'd find another one (or 7) and list it for her.

HOW AMAZING!!! I'm so happy for him. It's validating that other people like his stuff and are willing to pay for it and have it shipped to Oklahoma. Yeay!!!!

I will miss it. It was lovely in our entry way!

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