Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's on the DivaMommy's phone?

This is inspired of my friend Jessica, over at the Lowe Family News. I "met" Jessica when she used to buy princess dresses from me, and we've just stayed in touch ever since. She is now quite the blogger chick, all popular and stuff. So, Hey Jessica! I've got a new blog and I'm stickin' to it. :)

So, what's on my phone? Well, first I just disclaim that my phone takes AWFUL pictures, so it doesn't get used very often. So this could be a fun walk down memory lane...

Ok, what do we have first...

Ok, this is me at the eye dr's, trying on glasses. DramaDad wasn't there, so I had to send him photos. These are the ones I went with...

These are the one's I didn't. Good choice!

What else....hmmm.....

DramaDad in L.A. trying on a Leather Biker Jacket for our a production. Cute!

Retro-PEACHES AND CREAM BARBIE! If only I could have justified spending $45 on a Barbie for myself....because there's no way it would have stayed in that box. 


PrincessPrettyP in costume (and character) for her musical theatre class recital - ANNIE!

Mowgli also ready to get her HARD KNOCK LIFE on!

DramaDad filming a scene if a friends movie. He played an abusive, drunken father to our friends 8 year old son. Good times!

The kids, waiting at the airport to pick up Daddy after a trip.

Flynn Rider from Disney's Rapunzel....he looks like DramaDad. No, He really does.

And finally, me backstage at the Ovation in Green Valley Ranch - in full Rockstar mode for the concert of 

What?  You want to see a video? Well, it's not from my cell phone, but ok. I mean, I am the DivaMommy afterall. But you'll have to wait because I've edited it 3 times now and it keeps freezing on the same frame. I'll figure it out...someday.

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  1. It's about dang time u pick a spot to blog and plant urself there for good. Ok, the barbie? Yea we have the same wants. I sat there in target staring at that thing for atleast a good 20. Why? I dunno. I just do.

    Love the drama dad barbie doll thingy. It looks exactly like him!!!

    Ur kids are perfect and ur entire family is hotness. Rock on chick!

    Come back next Tuesday pretty!!!