Monday, August 27, 2012

Final weekend of fun...part 2!

Saturday we decided to head back to St Georges and check out some more of the historical sites there.

The day started with the walk to the bus and an adorable Lola.

We started with St Peters church. As we walked in, I was instantly transported back to my childhood. When I was a kid, I grew up in upstate NY. My parents made a point of it to travel to historical sites. So I've been to a lot of the historical buildings from the past of my church, as well as places of US historical importance. Some of my fondest memories are of our trip to Boston where we saw the "One if by land, 2 if by sea" tower, historical churches and graveyards and the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides). I also remember going to a historical theme park of sorts - the name escapes me, but we went on an old ship and they had a colonial village.

Anyway, I just love old churches! And this one was amazing. The first part of the church was built in 1614. There's just something awe inspiring standing in a building that old!

The center of the church.
The Original section. The wood was so aged and beautiful and the pews are the traditional pews that families used to purchase...and apparently get locked into during service.
It is the oldest continually used protestant church outside of England. Outside was a cemetery, with really old gravestones and above ground crypts. Kinda freaky and humbling at the same time. There was one gravestone plaque that was quite worn that described the untimely death of a man's 17 year old wife...and their one and two year old children just 2 weeks later. Can you imagine?

From the mid 1600's on!

The baby crypts were heartbreaking...not just because they were babies, but because of the sheer number of them.

We then wandered to King's Square just in time for a historical re-enactment. The dunking of a woman labeled a nag and a gossip. There was some ever so witty banter followed by putting her in the wooden dunking chair and wheeling it to the ledge of the dock. What was crazy was that one would think they just lower her into the water up and down...but the men they got as volunteers held their end down with their feet until the 'town crier' told them to step off...and then she flew down into the water! It was CRAZY! Steve got a video but I'll have to upload it at home.
See how the guys back there have their feet on it? They just step off and...
Whoosh! I'm not gonna was hot and humid that day and we all wanted a turn!
Three of four watching the dunking!

We also stopped in at Town Hall, where the girls got to making some rulings!

After some lunch we jumped back on the bus to go to the lighthouse! Up the narrowest, windiest roads you ever saw. On a bus. Thank goodness it wasn't a long distance, both Piper and I were dealing with some motion sickness.

The lighthouse was beautiful...the view - even more!!

Really purty...and who knew that 85 steps seem like forever.
This is a view of the beach we spent the day at a few weeks ago - Clearwater Beach!

And Ryder...ready to fly away, even though he was terrified of the height.

While walking back to the bus stop, Lola made a new friend.

This is just before he head butted her in the stomach. She's ok.
Unfortunately, it was time to head back to get ready for the show that night. Fortunately, at the bus transfer stop...there was ICE CREAM!!

But not to worry! There's a Part 3! It's an extended weekend for the Huntsman's as school started at home today. So, might as well make the best of it! One more full day until we head home.


  1. Ilona is right-it was Mystic Seaport! Do you remember doing the "Dead Horse" ceremony? I'm so glad that you remember our trips. They are some of my fondest memories, too! Love to chat with you soon!