Saturday, August 4, 2012

Beachfest and a new holiday!

So this past Thursday and Friday were the Bermuda national holiday known as CUP MATCH! Which is basically the big Cricket tournament between Somerset and St Georges. And so basically the whole island shuts down and goes to the beach or the match.

So we were invited to the big celebration on the beach called Beachfest! It was at the same beach we went to early in our trip - Horseshoe bay - or the pink sand beach. But it felt like a totally different beach.

The weather was beautiful so the beach was a lot more fun. No need for the kiddie area, we could handle the rolling waves just fine. was CROWDED!!

(It was way more crowded before we left)

We actually hiked down a bit farther and spent most of the day at another beach that was much less crowded.

Which of course led to the obligatory photo shoot...

Sorry, Chloe...didn't get a good one of your photo shoot on my this one will have to do!

And then, of course, there was the daily drama...Chloe felt a sting in the water...

Which turned out to be an errant stinger from a Portuguese Man-o-War. Thank heavens it was just one..if she'd gotten tangled in a strand of them, she would be in bad shape for a while. Fortunately the lovely life guards scraped for stingers and applied some vinegar. And she was fine in about 45 minutes and back in the water.

While we had a lot of fun, it was a relief to go! Huge crowds aren't easy with 4 kids to keep track of and it was mostly young adults consuming a lot of alcohol, so we were happy to get home and rest! Being out in the sun all day really drained us...and we all got at least a little sunburned. So we ended up spending all day Friday at home just recovering from two long beach days in a row.

So thanks to Shoa, Seldon and the gang for taking us out for a fun day! And happily for Shoa, Somerset won the Cup Match by 10 wickets. Whatever that means! ;)

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