Sunday, August 26, 2012

Final weekend of fun....Part One!

I know I haven't posted in a while, but the last 3 weeks have been really busy. The first two of those weeks, the kids and I were pretty much limited to the nearby beach because daddy was painting the set and finishing props during the day with rehearsals at night.

Dress rehearsals started this past Monday and that's when I got busy...we had a last minute change int he way the show was happening and I ended up being the playback operator, music editor and sound cue provider. So I had lots to do during the day and then rehearsals at night as well.

The show opened Thursday and closed Saturday. What a wonderful whirlwind of days! Opening night was a smashing success - we got to meet the Governer of Bermuda (assigned by England to oversee Bermuda, which is a territory of Great Brittain), which was pretty cool, and both he and the country's Opposition Leader (who is the leader of the party that did not win in elections. The Premier is like their president and she could not attend so she sent a deputy) got on stage after the show and were extremely praiseworthy of the production.

The cast onstage - "Forever Yours"

Friday nights show was rough technically...about a million things went wrong which was just really hard with everything going so well on Thursday. But last night, our closing, made up for was breathtaking! I will speak more in detail on our company blog, here!

On Friday and Saturday during the day, we decided to get out and do some fun stuff! Our friend Jay came in from Las Vegas to design the lights, so we invited him to join us! Here is our Friday adventure!!

Friday we decided to head to the town of St Georges to go to Tobacco Bay! It's a beautiful (though small) beach with some really great snorkeling! Saw the most amazing fish! It was a lot of walking, though...and our first family experience on a Bermuda Bus.

Tobacco Bay
On the way to/from the beach, there is an amazing old unfinished church!

Ryder...making a stand!
My kids literally cannot pose for a photo without....posing!

There was also an enormous wall with a gate...I don't know if it was part of the fort or what...I'm not very good at the tourist thing!

So bummed we couldn't lock them IN! Just kidding...mostly!

That's Jay in the red shirt! Bet he never thought he'd have so much  time with the Huntsman Family!
We wandered into St Georges a bit...they have a lot of historical buildings there. It's really cool to be in buildings that have been standing since the 1600's! Nothing like that in Las Vegas!!

We were only there for a bit, long enough for the kids to get into some...trouble!!

All too soon it was time to hop back on the bus and head home to get ready for the show that night! But it was nice to get out and see some more of the island!

Satruday was fun, too...we'll be back for more in part 2.

But in the meantime, enjoy a few random pics from "our beach"

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