Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Awkward and Awesome BEACH DAY!

Today, we played tourist!

We took a ferry
This was actually the fast ferry that brought us back.

to Snorkel Beach Park (at the dockyards)

That's Ryder at the shoreline.

where the cruise ships dock (Steve once performed on this ship)

The Norwegian Star

and had so much fun snorkeling that we didn't take many pictures.

The big beach chair!

This experience was both awkward and awesome...with an emphasis on the AWESOME! As you can see...

AWKWARD...barely making it on the ferry from Hamilton to the Dockyards. We was a runnin'!

AWESOME...the kids' first ferry ride!

AWESOME...(and a little bit awkward) Hot Australian guy at the (wrong) rental booth who was just flirty enough to make a mommy of 4 feel swell!

AWKWARD...learning to swim with fins on my feet.

AWESOME...FISHIES! Beautiful fish and plants!

AWKWARD...Chloe freaking out because she was scared of the fish.

AWESOME...Piper, swimming around the reef like a pro!

AWESOME...Chloe, Ryder and Lola letting me take them to where they could see some fish!

AWESOME...Lola and I finding ourselves completely surrounded by a large school of tiny fish called fry's.

AWKWARD...Super Sunburned back. Ouch. That's what I get for snorkeling for 3 hours straight and not adding more sunscreen.

AWKWARD...Going to pay for sodas back in Hamilton and realized I left my drivers license and bank card at the (right) rental booth.

AWESOME...Shoa and Asean, 2 of our "hosts", driving back to get it from me.

EXTRA AWESOME...Previously mentioned hot Aussie busting into the (right) rental booth to get my stuff back!

Tomorrow we brave beach fest for Cup Match (the Bermudian holiday) aka thousands of people at the beach. Wish us luck!

Oh, and here's Ryder and Lola, dancing the night away!

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