Sunday, July 29, 2012

Best. Bermuda. Day. Ever! (so far...)

Last week at the beach by our house, our neighbor showed up with her adorable twin two year old grandsons. The kids have gone over several times to play with them and we all enjoyed an afternoon at the beach.

Later that evening Sheryl, our neighbor here, knocked on our door. She asked if we'd like to go to another beach this weekend - that she'd be happy to take us! I told her that sounded great and we would take her up on her offer. Awesome idea!!

This weekend, she drove us to Clearwater beach! First of all, she has a convertible, so we all got the thrill of driving around the island with an unlimited view of everything. It was fantastic!

Clearwater beach is located in what used to be the US Naval Airbase on the tip of the island. It was very noticeable the difference in architectural and even the roads. When we first arrived at the beach, there were lots of people - even lots of people camping. The next weekend is Bermuda's big Cup Match holiday and many people just camp out for the whole week. Sheryl drove us to a gate and told us if we walked past the gate and over the hill, we'd come to a much less busy beach - we decided that sounded good!

And was she ever right! We first encountered a very small beach but decided to keep going. We then came  upon the other large beach to the left, but there was a path to the right so we sent Daddy ahead on the "path less traveled" and he soon motioned for us to follow. We found a gorgeous beach - completely empty!!

An aerial view!

We set up our beach towels and dove in! It was lovely and calm, not too deep and the sand was amazing for playing in!

 Ryder, getting a ride from Daddy!

After much swimming and a quick picnic lunch, we decided to hike up the plateau surrounding the beach. 

 I'm a little obsessed with water and rocks. There's a dozen more like this....I'll spare you.


My favorite people in the world. 

So, this is fun... as we're up on the plateau and we find this large concrete circle in the ground. Clearly something used to be anchored to it. Chloe tells me "Hey, look! We found a hatch!" Love that my 12 year old is referencing LOST!

Posing on the Hatch!

Coincidentally, there was also a large tunnel that would have lined up perfectly with said hatch...hmmm....

It smelled lovely, also!

We returned to the beach for a little more water time before the wonderful Sheryl returned to pick us up. As we drove back home with our hair blowing in the top-down breeze, she asked if my kids were allowed to have sweets! Of COURSE, I said, and she stopped to treat the kids to a Bermuda favorite - SNOWBALL!

Yes, they're just snow cones, but I think snowballs are so much more fantastical! And isn't it so cute that our snowball creators posed for this photo? Bermuda is definitely very charming!

The kids enjoyed their multi-flavored snowballs as we drove home...

We polished our night off with steak dinner, cake and a game or two of Taboo! All in all, a perfect day!

Hopefully we'll have some more fun experiences next weekend as the island shuts down (rehearsals included) for CUP MATCH! A Bermudian holiday that centers around the big Cricket match. Should be fun!

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