Saturday, July 14, 2012

Good times in BERNUDA!

One week (and a few days) down!

BerNUDA? Yeah, that's what Lola and Ryder call it, and well, it just kinda stuck!

I'm going to be honest...we don't do a lot here. Lots of chilling out at our little home. And then I really stink at taking pictures. I just don't think about it! Or I forget my phone, because we don't have an adaptor for our camera to our laptop, so I'm relying on phone photos right now.

But here's some snapshots of the week!

Lots more time at Shelly Bay, the beach right by our house. We go almost every day. It's really the perfect beach...calm and shallow.

If the tide is low, the girls can make it out probably over 100 feet and still touch! There are virtually no waves, even when it's stormy out. We really love our beach! The water is just so's surreal every time we go!

I don't quite know when Lola became such a "poser", but I love it!

I guess it runs in the family!

BTW - Ryder has been fighting a nasty rash around his mouth for about 6 months! Seen here:

While it was getting better just before we left, turns out the cure was BERNUDA!

He is happy! And so adorable.

I have been to rehearsal with Steve a few times now. It's a great way to show some of the unique aspects of Bermuda.

Like they are only allowed one car per household because of the limited roads here, so everyone has mo-peds! Here's a bunch lined up at rehearsal.

Oh, and Lola and her friend Shia! Shia is daughter of one of the producers do the show. Instant BFF's!

Here's a photo of the expensive peppers...these were a little cheaper. $5.99 per lb!

The homes in Bermuda are very colorful! Beautiful, really, though they would probably look ridiculous anywhere else. I'm really in love with the white stepped roofs! But they also share another purpose. They gather the rain which is stored in tanks under the home and provide water for the home! We didn't have much rain at first when we got here so I was a little worried with 6 of us in this small home. But we had some rain the last few days and Steve showed me the tank... we have plenty of water. You do see water trucks that will come give you a fill up if you need it, but I hear it's quite pricey!

Yesterday we finally got out of the house a bit and headed to Horseshoe Bay, one of the most famous beaches here. It's actually right on the coast and it's a limestone beach so the sand is extremely fine! And it has a slightly pink tone to it, so they call it a pink sand beach, though the kids were disappointed that it wasn't actually fuchsia! There is a storm blowing in so the water was extremely rough with severe rip tide, so there were actually advisories not to go in the water. We went in a bit, not to far. Lola, Ryder and I spent most of our time at the cove just off to the side that is completely enclosed by rocks so it's nice and calm and shallow.

Of course we took lots more pictures...on the other camera. Posing' up a storm, of course!

Needless to say, we are enjoying ourselves and the show is going well. I'll try to remember to keep my camera with me and take more interesting photos!

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