Friday, July 6, 2012

Our Bermuda Adventure...Days One and Two!

Well, here we are! We made it!

Briefly, for those of you who don't know, my Husband was hired to travel here to Bermuda to direct a production of Once On This Island, a musical! So, well, it's a chance of a lifetime, we decided to bring the kids and make an adventure out of it! We will be here for 8 weeks!

This is my first time traveling off continent...I mean, I've been to Canada before, but that's it!

Our travel here was tiring but relatively uneventful. We left Las Vegas on the evening for the 4th of July, which was less than ideal for the kids, so I think we were the only people who weren't disappointed that it was a rainy 4th. But we did see fireworks as we took off!

After we lumbered to the check in counter with 6 large bags - 3 for us and 3 full of costumes, and a plethora of backpacks and carry on suitcases, we were met at the gate by our friend Hillary who works for the airlines!

Waiting for our flight!

Hillary, helping Ryder scan his own ticket!

We flew overnight to Atlanta, hoping our children would sleep. They were so excited to be on a plane, sleep didn't happen for a while. We has a nasty 4 hour layover in Atlanta, but we found a cozy spot, daddy napped and I kept the kids as entertained as possible. Lola got to sit by the window for takeoff and that might have been one of the best mommy moments EVER! She was so excited and just kept laughing and pointing out parks and freeways! Adorable!

It was an easy, 2.5 hour flight and when she fell asleep, I switched seats with her so I could sit at the window. Getting to see the island as we flew over...the unreal blue color of the water, the, AMAZING! I felt like a child myself.

When we landed, the first thing we were treated to was the humidity! It's a comfy 80 degrees with a slight breeze, really nice! But my kids were wondering why it smelled like rain and Ryder, who was also asleep when we landed, said "OK, who put the lotion on me when I was sleeping!" Try explaining humidity to a 6 year old who lives in the dryer desert of Las Vegas!

We made it through immigration and customs with very little trouble. We were a bit worried because of Steve's work permit and the costumes we were bringing with us. Thankfully it was all arranged and our customs officer said he wanted to come see the show!

We were met by Shoa, one of the board members of Troika Bermuda, the company producing the show, and her mom! They were so excited for us to finally be here and we were thrilled to meet them. Somehow we packed our giant suitcases and 6 family members into two small cars (honestly, all the cars in Bermuda are small) and we were on our way! In a cars with drivers on the right hand side and the tiniest, narrowest roads you've ever seen!

We arrived at our cozy little home and unloaded. It's a great little 3 bedroom cottage!

My kids, perpetual posers!

It's green and lush and beautiful everywhwere!

They said they wanted to take us in to Hamilton for dinner And to rehearsal. I was so tired but it was only 4pm here so I didn't want to go to sleep yet. So we agreed! We didn't spend much time at rehearsal because we were so tired, so Steve came and we went to the grocery store. Which was shocking! I knew things would be expensive, but wow! Just wow! Fresh produce are by the the most insane! $6 for a bag of salad, $6.49 for one bell pepper. Bread is also pricey -$5.99 was on the bag of one loaf they had for us here, I found one for $4.29 from a local bakery and was like, ooh, a deal!

But, it is what it is and we planned for it and it's worth's so beautiful here and the people are so nice and the culture is just wonderful!

The house we're staying in is being sublet by a family who goes to Barbados for the summer - go figure! So we are asked to take care of the family dog and a couple of stray cats who hang out...because they get fed every morning and evening... I don't know if the kids are more exited about being in Bermuda or playing with the animals!

Marlee, the patient pooch!

Simba, the only cat around when I was taking picture.

After a weird night trying to get used to a 5 hour time difference, we hit the beach today that's about a 10 minute walk from our house! The water is so blue and clear, the water so warm and the beach is very shallow! It was incredible, we'll probably be there every day!

And the pictures of the beach are on the camera in Steve's bag, so you'll have to wait until the next post to see.... :-)

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