Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, PIPER!

Today my 2nd baby is 10 years old. My precious Piper - a sweet, sensitive and wonderful girl with a beautiful voice and all the right dance moves!
We started our day at the beach...which wasn't quite as fun as usual due to the crazy storms over the last two days.

Our usually serene, calm and clear beach...

had a super high tide and was covered in seaweed...not to mention the rather large waves. But at least we had the beach to ourselves...

Chloe and Piper enjoyed the waves...

but Ryder and Lola were none too thrilled, so they played on the playground.

Then we took a walk along the historical trail next to the beach. It was beautiful!

I especially loved the ruins of a home just off the shoreline. It was really cool! Bermuda has quite a rich history, discovered and settled around the same time as Jamestown and even played a role in the revolutionary war. So there are some really cool, really old structures!


And...siblings with a photobomb by daddy!

Then we found a banyon tree and an impromtu photo shoot ensued...seriously, we were there for at least 20 minutes just snapping photos. Only the Huntsman family, you know?
Here's a smattering of photos!

Spiderman hands..not the middle finger!

We came home and made Piper's favorite dinner - TACOS!!

Followed by PRESENTS! Her fav - her very own iPod!

Daddy had rehearsal, so we had to wait a while for cake. But here it is!

Frosted by Piper herself. And we didn't have any we improvised.
All in all, a celebration of our sweet Pips!

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  1. It sure looks like you are having the best adventure of your lives!! So happy that you are sharing them with us.
    Please wish Lola a Happy Birthday from Grandpa and Grandma Stimmel!!! Tell her that she will get her BD card when she gets back to Las Vegas! (Sorry I forgot before you left.)
    We are getting ready for our Alaska adventure. We leave the 21st and are home the 31st. Will call when we get back! LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!! I hope you continue to have a great time! Hugs and kisses to all! love, Mom/Grandma