Saturday, August 18, 2012

Frugal Fashion Fridays!

Hello friends!

While I've been her in Bermuda, I've been fortunate to have a lot of time to contemplate my ambitions, plans and projects and figuring out how to make it all work for me. I have so many interests and ideas it's really difficult for me to edit, focus and prioritize my life! I do know that I need to buckle down and work really hard on some projects I feel very passionately about.

What I'm saying is that while I truly love blogging about my frugal fashion finds, I need to be sensible about it!

That said, I am going to streamline. I will continue sharing my steals and deals, but I'm going to limit it to once a week here on this blog. So, here's my first one!

Planning and packing for myself and 4 children for two months in Bermuda was quite the undertaking! I left the dad to his own devices. 
For the kids, we were pretty ok, but we had to hit up some thrift stores for a few more shorts, tank tops and t-shirts. 
The challenge was...swimwear! I anticipated that we'd be visiting the beach frequently so I made sure each of us had 2 bathing suits. I wish I had gotten 3-4 each! There has been only 1 outing in the last 6 weeks that didn't include the beach, so the kids' swimsuits are actually getting worn out! I had to stitch Lola's back together today. 
I'm not above purchasing a swimsuit at a thrift store, but I'm really, really picky - has to be in perfect condition! I got both of Ryders swimsuits at Savers and one for Piper - a speedo brand suit in flawless condition. Chloe and Piper each got one at Target and Chloe got another one at Old Navy. Lola also picked up a cute one at Old Navy and one from Walmart. How cute are they?

Now I personally hadn't purchased a bathing suit in years. Like, several years. I don't swim!

I knew I wanted a vintage styles suit for sure, and I actually found this one at Walmart!

It's a very slimming suit that thanks to my new eating habits, I was ably to buy in a size 8! Yay!

I have been disappointed with it a little because the bottom doesn't really fit like's not snug so it kinda droops. 

In my world, it wasn't a that great of a deal at $30, but in the swimwear world, that's pretty good!

I bought a tankini at Old Navy, but when I tried it on at home again, it wasn't working with my girls. I found it difficult to find swimsuits that would accommodate my bosom! So I returned it and found this one at Ross!

I like this one, it's ruched and very comfy. It goes great with my favorite hot honey!

My other favorite beach related purchase was my wide brimmed hat! Being in the sun so much, it's been a godsend! I found it at Target but thought I could find something cheaper...looked and looked and then drove to Target the night before we left and just bought it. It was like $14 so it wasn't super expensive, but I brought 3 other hats and I paid less than $5 each for them. 

I'm loving the black and white skirt (thrifted, $4) I brought - perfect to wear to the beach over my bathing suit. I also brought short sleeve drapey overshirts in black and white that have been perfect cover ups as well! (Rainbow, $8 ea) I feel vintage glam in it all! And while I brought 4 pairs of sunglasses, I've definitely found my favorites..and one pair broke and I think I left another pair at the beach. Good thing I brought all 4 pairs!

One thing that has been a surprise, I guess, is how much nicer it is to swim in saltwater than a chlorinated swimming pool! The saltwater is so great for my hair, easy on fabrics and if you have a scrape or wound, the saltwater cleans it! I have just never been swimming in saltwater before. I'm definitely a fan...ready to move closer to a beach!

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