Saturday, September 1, 2012

Final Weekend of Fun...Part 3 & Coming Home!

While our counterparts back home were heading off to their first day of school, we headed just down the road to the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum of Natural History and Zoo!
Waiting for the bus!
We were invited there by the mother of one of the cast members and when we arrived, the lady who let us in was so excited to meet us and told us (almost in tears) just how much she loved the show! It was really cool.

So it wasn't a very large aquarium, museum or zoo, but it was fascinating and we had a wonderful time. We started in the aquarium where it was fun to learn the names of some of the fish we had seen snorkeling!

Then we headed out into the zoo exhibits. The first was a Madagascar exhibit. It was a little weird because some of the animals were just out IN the exhibit with you. So we saw the lemurs - high above us but unobstructed by a cage!

King Julian indeed!
There was a Foosa that we didn't ever see and a few other animals. Then we moved on to Australasia and the Caribbean. Lots of fun animals, but our favorites were the Golden Lion Tamarins...who were just INCHES away from us! I've got to admit, it was really hard not to reach out and try to touch one.

We had some playground time and hit up the museum - which was very enlightening about Bermuda's history.

Later that night, Steve and I had to take one last walk down to the convenience store for our favorite Pina Colada smoothies!

The next day, Steve and I headed in to Hamilton to meet our friend Dan for lunch! He is the cruise director on one of the Holland America ships that was docked in Hamilton - how cool was that to meet a friend for Bermuda!

We then walked over to the rehearsal studio where the costumes were drying out from the run, packed them up and headed home...with a stop for a real Bermuda snowball. We would know them as snow cones - man, were they yummy!

When we got home, we took the kids to our beach for the last time. It was fun, but definitely sad when it was time to go.

All too soon, it was Wednesday and time to go home. We were all happy and sad to be heading home. Happy to head back for new projects, school, the conveniences of life but sad to leave behind the beaches, the frogs chirping at night, the crazy bus rides and the wonderful people! And the dog...I think more tears were shed over Marlee, our doggy charge for the summer. The kids really fell in love with her!

I was surprised and thrilled when many members of Troika met us at the airport to say goodbye! It was very touching. I'm really going to miss these people!

L to Right - Top Row - Leslie Bean (Shoa's Mom), Seldon Woolridge (producer), Steve, Chloe, Kayla (actress), Me, Amani (actress), Shoa Bean (Producer)
L to R Bottom - Ashun (Production Assistant), Lola, Ryder, Piper
We arrived home safely and it's been a whirlwind ever since. I do have more to share about Bermuda and some thoughts about our adventure, so I have plenty of blogging to get caught up on. See you again soon!

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