Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's on the DivaMommy's Phone!

Who's been busy? It's me, it's me!

I've had the craziest year so far. Seriously, buuuusssssyyyyyy. So, it's a catch up edition.

Jessica's super cool link up adventure!

 Super cute layered looks at a store in the mall.

 Lollies being a cutie patootie at Mickey D's

 I'm in love with this mermaid tail skirt that a little girl was wearing at a party I did last weekend. I'm totally going to emulate it for my next Mermaid Princess costume.

 Buddy boy, fast asleep on Drama Dad's lap during church. I thought it was adorable.
9am church is killer on our family.

 DramaDad, trying his darndest to fit into the costume I made for him when we were dating...12 years ago. 

 This BLEW MY MIND! There is someone inside that donation box, handing bags of DONATED clothes out to the lady on the outside and they were going through the bags, taking what they wanted. STEALING from CHARITY! Right out in the open. No shame. I was seriously appalled. 

My fortune. Of course, the week that my debit card number gets janked and my bank account drained.

Really amazing textured fabric. Had to have a picture. 

I also took a trip to Newport Beach (just down and back) and finally started P90X. It's killer, I can only make it through half of most of the workouts.  But I've already lost a few elle bee's! Awesome.

So, that's all for TUESDAY!


  1. Way to go losing weight! We've had P90X for about 3 years amd never used it. Haha, we are lame. Sorry about your bank account, that's rough. Blah to thieves! Money thieves and charity thieves! 9:00 church IS rough. I'm had we go at 11. I'm new to the game as of a few weeks. Fun pics!

  2. love that fabric. whatcha gonna make?!?! and the mermaid tail is perfect!!! that's always been a tough costume to make a reality. yea?

    ok all ur pictures are too fun. that's not fair. those charity stealers are CRAP but what can anyone do?! that makes me so mad!!