Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thrifty for Thursday


Today I stopped in at my FAVORITE Thrift store chain - Savers - and while I didn't find anything I was looking for, I grabbed some GREAT finds to enhance my wardrobe.

For about $27, I got all of the items you see here, on my dress form dummy. I would have modeled them, but I didn't really have time to get myself all dressed up, edit the photos, blah blah blah. Lots to do right now! And forgive my less than tidy sewing room.

Please note - the photos may seem a little long/wide - because I took them with one of my CHRISTMAS gifts (ya know, the kind you buy yourself with the help of GIFTCARDS!!!) This little baby:

So, on with the fashion fun!

 CK Striped Shirt - $4.99, Sonoma Hooded Sweater Vest - $3.99

 BDG Teal Sweater (because I need more color) - $4.99

Everything in this outfit was 1/2 off -silver tags!
Anne Taylor Top - $3.00, Exhiliration Sweater - $3.00, NY & Co. Skirt - $3.50
Belt (purchased at a different store but still 1/2 off) $2.50

 Especially love this skirt! Love the Black/Ivory combo and the TEXTURE!!!
I will wear it with my black tights/ankle shoes. Gonna be HOT! I'll take a pic. 

 And this top is majorly rockin'! I've been wanting something with ruffles for a while now.

Oh! And we haven't worked out today yet, but I've been eating totally differently - high protein, low carbs and fat, and today I was able to successfully conquer the "after dinner sleepies" I always get by having 1/2 a protein shake with dinner. I've gotten SO much done tonight and not felt like I was dragging the whole time. I really hope I'm on to something here. Tomorrow, I doubt I'll be able to move after working out tonight.

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