Saturday, January 22, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Ok, showin' some Sidney love. A day late. Almost 2 days late.

Fashionably late. HA!

AWKWARD: Not realizing my car was in drive when I got out to switch with my husband and jumping back in as quickly as possible to stop it before it ran into the dance studio. Right in front of said husband and a friend. 

AWESOME: Friend sharing a story of how her husband did the same thing and ran into their garage, doing the splits to try to reach the brake.

AWKWARD: Walking like a monkey/old lady/bear on hind legs because of my P90X workouts and hubby reminding me that I'm in public.

AWESOME: Doing P90X and looking forward to working out. Soon, I'm a gunna be HOT!

AWKWARD: Realizing that I should have bought an XL in the JR's section instead of a L to fit around my boobies.

MORE AWKWARD: Said size L top shrinking in the wash to the point it's almost useless.

AWKWARD: Oldest daughter telling me that I'm getting old lady eyes.

AWESOME: Securing 2 new contracts for my business this week. 

AWESOME: Coming up with a new business idea that got my husband super excited. He's a hard one to impress, so that means a lot. :)

AWESOME: New business logo!!

FUTURE AWKWARD: Attempting to be Belle and Cinderella tomorrow, knowing my muscles are going to be super sore. 

AWESOME: My new favorite word, courtesy of my precious Lollies: Super.

My Lollies, in her self portrait session after chocolate pudding.


  1. awkward...still waiting to hear from you about getting together :/
    awesome..sounds like you are super busy with super stuff!! ;)

  2. I found your blog through the daybook, which I love, and I love it!! I am a new follower :) P.S. My absolute FAVORITE Christmas song is "I wanna a hippopotamus" SERIOUSLY!! I love it!! You just made my day, because I listened to it, twice :)

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