Monday, January 3, 2011

No resolutions, just a decision!

Making a list of resolutions has never appealed to me. I thrive on goals and need them, but I make them all the time. Deadlines are my best friend and worst enemy. I never seem to get work done without them, but they are always too soon.

Last week I was idly clicking through some blogs - fashion blogs to be exact. I have of late found a renewed interest in how I look. I think it was the change in hair color.

Anyway, I was reading one where she was showing off not only her style, but her cooking, decor - kinda everything about how she lives. Not here family or kids or hobbies, but here life style. At first I laughed and thought it was pretentious.

But then it hit me. THAT is what I'm missing! I'm so pre-occupied with work, kids, life - I don' t have a lifestyle! If I'm running to the store, I just throw on whatever I can find quickest, put my hair in a ponytail and hope my yesterdays makeup isn't all over my face in a clownlike manner. I am a slacker at keeping things neat and tidy - always have been though I've gotten much better. I have about 5 things I cook on a regular basis and eat out way to often.

I will get SO fixated on an event, a time - such as opening night of a show, a cabaret concert, my husband leaving town for work, a vacation - whatever it may be, that I forget to enjoy the time leading up to said event. But if I don't have something to look forward too, I enter into a state of limbo and don't do much of anything, though I have plenty of projects I could be working on.

So, my decision for 2011 is to enjoy the journey. Take care in picking out real outfits to wear - even if I'm just running to the store. Spend and extra 5 minutes putting on makeup even if the only person who will see me that day is my family. Plan a menu for my family and work harder during the day to give myself the time to prepare it. Take an hour out of my night to play CLUE with the older girls...even if they're hopelessly terrible at it. Take pride in cleaning up - even if it's for the 50th time that day, so I can enjoy the beautiful decor my husband has worked so hard on. We just ordered P90X. And I'm going to do it. So I can look better and feel better.

And it won't be hard to do - I really don't think so. How can a decision to enjoy life be hard?

Actually, I've been doing it for the last week. And I've still gotten all my work done - and looked great doing it, enjoyed time with my kids and husband in a slightly cleaner house. It's been a good trial run and it makes me excited for a wonderful year to come.

And...I'm going to blog about it :)

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