Friday, January 28, 2011

Wanna meet a TRUE Diva?

Yesterday, or rather Wednesday, I had a lovely Starbucks date with my dear friend, KELLIE!

Now, Kellie is a REAL diva. Seriously. She's an amazing performer! She's performed for many, many ye...well, she has a lot of experience. I have learned SO much from watching her onstage. And - she's got a fierce divatude that I just adore! Oh, and she's from Australia. That's instant coolness in my book.

EDITED TO ADD: This current photo of the Kellie - looking more diva-licious than ever.

Kellie and I have had fabulous adventures together! Although our paths have crossed for years, we finally got to work together in 2009 in the fabulous musical THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE! She basically spent the whole show trying to sedate me so she could kidnap me and sell me into white slavery. Poison apple and everything.
 Kellie Wright as Mrs Meers and ME as Miss Dorothy

Not to be confused with....LOL!!!

During MILLIE, Kellie encouraged me to audition for a little broadway review she was doing. And I got the part! So, we "toured" to beautiful, exotic SPOKANE, WA to bring them a showstopping show the likes of which they've never seen....SHOWSTOPPERS, TOO!

We had lots of fun adventures!
We rehearsed....

 (Kellie and I are Center)

We performed...

Me singing "Memory" from CATS!

And Phantom of the Opera - yes, I had a BOAT!!!

Imagine Kellie performing such classic's as "Don't Rain on My Parade" and "Some People". You have to imagine because I know if I put a picture up she will kill me. Yes, she will. Poison apple or no.

And we PLAYED!
at "Intrigue"....Opening night cast party! Um...Kellie...what is Charlotte doing in this photo?

At the dueling piano bar where we ticked off all the locals by SINGING OUR FACES OFF!


I met my very first real life drag queen....who promptly picked me up and carried me across the, uh, venue.

Now, if that wasn't cool enough....just a few months later, we headed up to lovely, exotic EDMONTON, CANADA to do a Christmas show for all the lovely holiday Canucks!

Our amazing cast...Me, Kellie Wright, Jimmy Emmerson, Kevin Sherell and Tai Lewis!
Dontcha LOVE our matching, bugle bead gowns. I. totally. did. n't. But, hey. We were fierce.

It was coooooold!

 BRRRRR! Seriously, it was -40 something at night!

But we totally had a blast! 

Then last year, in the summer this time, we headed back to EDMONTON, CA, to do a murder mystery, this time with DramaDad in tow. She spent most of the show belittling me and putting me down. 'Til she was MURDERED!!!!


Posed for photos!

Partied hardy! (One should note that it was about 9:00 PM at the time...the sun didn't set until like 11 PM.

Umm...this is the closest thing I have to all of us together...sorry, Kellie. 

Sometimes, we lunch with friends.

Sometimes we lunch together or meet at Starbucks.

Facebook banter? ALWAYS!

And sometimes we get stranded at Walmart for HOURS (ok, like hour) waiting for the darned shuttle to pick us up.

Yeah. Kellie's the real deal. A tried and true DIVA!!! Been there, done that, facebooked it. I love her and I'm so glad we're friends!  

We have a show we want to do together....we both have a lot going on right now, but hopefully it won't be too long. 

Oh, and she loves my blog. That makes me so happy. So, Kellie, I'll TRY to blog more, because I know that at the very least, you are reading. And that's enough for me. 

I think I just blogged instead of working out. Hmm...maybe I should work out....


  1. Shut entire blog about MOI!!!?? I couldn't.. stop! you're embarrassing me! Ok..not really! We had soo much fun..all the shows!
    Actually..I'm appalled at some of the pics... we couldn't have included a recent one after my weight loss!!?? ugg! ;)
    Love you tooooo!!! And..our show idea is brilliant.. BRILLIANT I say..and we really must do it!
    Hugs and DiVa kisses..
    me :)

  2. yeay..where's the like button? :)