Saturday, January 12, 2013

The missing ingredient...

Welcome to deep thoughts from the DivaMommy.

I am on a perpetual mission of self discovery and change. Especially so lately as I have been tackling some of the issues that I feel hold me back from meeting my true potential. It's slow and frustrating but ultimately the progress I have made makes me keep going...most days. But that's another post!

For a really long time now, I have felt like I'm missing something in my life - I had no idea - was it something I needed to do or have? Was it something I was doing that I shouldn't?

Well, thanks to some projects and opportunities that have come my way and I'm pursuing,(and no, I won't tell you about the ones that aren't already happening because I firmly believe this: I have my answer!

I was missing MUSIC! I know, that probably sounds crazy considering all the performances I've been doing lately, but I was missing creating music performing music instrumentally and vocally. I love theatre and I have certainly been extremely involved in the musical theatre for over half my life but it's very different! I miss playing the piano - I used to play guitar, I used to write music. I have missed making music and listening to and performing non-musical theatre music!

I now have my own Cabaret show which is a dream come true - every month I assemble a small group of singers, select a fun theme and have a super fun 90 minutes singing! It's a blast and I'm also using at a platform to get back to my musical roots.

But I've dusted off my keyboard, bought my guitar back from my brother-in-law and picked up a new instrument or two.. and I'm in love! And my kids are getting interested and we've had a family jam session or two. It's nice to re-discover this part of myself. And that feeling like something is missing - it's shrinking!

Hopefully by filling the creative parts of myself, it will help in tackling the every day mundane tasks that get me down - you know, housekeeping, cooking...yawn! But I long for a clean, organized environment in which to create and good, healthy foods for me and my family. Babysteps...I'm on the path!

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