Monday, December 31, 2012

Mamma did WHAT? A year in review!

Well, another year has come and gone...and what a year it's been! Here's a look at 2012. I will fondly remember you!!

Mamma got to SING!

I have performed more this year than ever, I think! I'm going to highlight several experiences, but this is a tribute to all the singing/hosting opportunities I've had!

January - Leading Ladies Concert
(Stephanie Sanchez, Me, Francesca Camus, Kellie Wright - W.O.M.A.N.)

March - The Very Best of Andrew Lloyd Webber Concert
(Me with Jordan Bondurant - "All I Ask of You")

November - Showstoppers
(Don't Rain on My Parade)

I am now a rotating host at Talk of the Town and Hit Parade -
Weekly Variety Shows at Sams Town and The Suncoast

 Mamma Got a VACATION!

For the first time in our married life, my hubby and I got a real, 2 week vacation all too ourselves. Our first week was spent in Orlando at Disneyworld and Universal Studios, then I joined Steve on a cruise for a week. It was magical.

Magic Kingdom!

Animal Kingdom!
Competing in American Idol Experience @ Disney's Hollywood Studios
Yes, I won my round. :)
(we didn't take pictures on the cruise, busy doin' a whole lotta NOTHING! It was magical.)

Mamma got to sing with FAMOUS PEOPLE!

This year I was asked to perform in 2 choirs backing up 2 different celebrity icons. It was amazing.

With Jennifer Hudson at the Smith Center Opening Gala
With Barbra Striesand at the MGM Grand Arena
It's hard to see, but I swear I was there!

Mamma got her HUR DID!  (Hairspray)

I single handedly organized the costuming of this show AND did much of the construction. I'm still tired from it...

Mamma got CRAZY!

I did a show. A real theatrical production with rehearsals and sets and costumes...the real deal! I played Irene in Crazy For You. It was a blast. And, sigh, I did the costumes.

Evan Litt and the gown, the perks of costuming myself!
In my "naughty" red dress!

Glenn Heath and Myself!


Yes, I know you know - we got to spend 2 whole months living in Bermuda. It was amazing. Such a wonderful experience for our family.

Our reason for being there - ONCE ON THIS ISLAND

Mamma got HER OWN SHOW!

That's right, folks! I have my own monthly cabaret show and I love it! It's super fun to pick themes and invite guests and sing my little heart out! It got off to a slow start, but Decembers show was gangbusters! So much fun. :) Oh, yeah, here's some lovely thing the local critic said about me and the show: 

"Tonight at 10 brings Sandra Huntsman. Community musical lovers know her from a score of shows at Signature Productions and Super Summer Theatre. She hopes to appear on a monthly basis, and if her premiere set is any indication, her run should last forever.
Huntsman's act - which will feature different themes and performers with each installment - is enriched by a variety of entertainers. She obviously recognizes talent. Her latest show included hubby Steve Huntsman and Brandon and Kelly Albright, all well-known local names and, even better, dynamo singers. Despite their ability to zoom freely up and down octaves, they choose to put lyrics at the center of a song; their melodies are transformed into playlettes. And when the four belt full throttle, yikes, better to cling to your seat.
Also on hand was area singer and master of ceremonies Lou DeMeis, whose vocal abilities and nuances in phrasing managed to make the title song from "Camelot" sound new.
The anchor of the evening, though, remained Huntsman. Her clear, sensitive soprano is not just well-trained, but expressive. She becomes one with her material. She focused on songs from musicals she's never been cast in, and all I can say is, hey, casting directors, grab a ticket and come take another look."

My ad for the show..

Kellie Wright and Me - finally a duet!

Me and Lou DeMeis...what a great guy!
Next Months Theme
And, last but not least....

Mamma's family ROCKS!

As much as I love to sing and perform and travel, my heart and core will always be my family. And we had such a great year! The kids are growing into such interesting souls and we have really good times together. Going to Bermuda for 2 months did so much for our family and I cherish every moment we have together. I really do! I adore them all! And, we take killer family photos.

So here's hoping your 2012 was a year to remember and looking forward to 2013. I know it's going to be another great year for us!

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