Monday, July 26, 2010


I have been inspired by my friends to start a blog about my family without giving away too much info about myself. goes!

I'm the DivaMommy. That's who I am. I am a Mommy first and foremost, but MommyDiva just doesn't have the same ring. I'm also a performer....and costumer...and have a few other useless theatre related talents. I enjoy graphic design and creating websites. Disneyland is my favorite place on earth and I love to be creative. Singing is my favorite thing to do - in a show, in a cabaret, in the car, in the shower...anywhere! I really love it when I get paid to sing, that's just coolness. I am also a professional princess on the weekends - entertaining at Children's birthday parties.

There is a fantastic hubby. He's DramaDad - not because he is dramatic, ok, well, maybe a little, but because drama is his life and passion. He's a gifted actor, designer and director. He's really quite amazing and I love to support him in his endeavors.

We met onstage, got engaged onstage. We have done a minimum of 3 productions a year between us in 11 1/2 years of marriage. Sometimes we are actors, sometimes costumers or designers, often recently he directs.

As far as work goes....we are self employed/independent contractors doing anything from performing to costuming to design work. Whatever pays the bills! We are working on some very exciting projects.

There are 4 little dramatics' in the making.

First is Mowgli. She's 10 and a handful of intelligence, wit and drama. She's tall and very skinny, hence the nickname Mowgli. She is very smart, but often times that gets her into trouble because she doesn't think she needs to follow the rules. She enjoys singing and has a beautiful voice, aspires to be a contortionist and loves sports. She claims to be a tomboy, but goes for frills and flowers in her wardrobe when given the chance. I expect a lot out of my Mowgli.

Then there PrincessPrettyP - or PPP for short.  She is a princess through and through. She just turned 8 and will be baptized this weekend. She loves anything girlie or epic. She's a huge fan of Tim Burton movies, is currently obsessed with the Titanic, is a sucker for fairy-tales and the supernatural. She's just discovered "Ghost Whisperer" and watches it all day long...if I let her. She's very bright in school and a talented writer and also a great singer. She is very emotional (wonder where she gets that from) and doesn't handle disappointment well, but we're working on it.

BuddyBoy is our sweet little man. He is 4 1/2. He loves CARS, CARS and CARS. He has CARS clothes, CARS cars and CARS Underwear. But he never watches CARS. He loves to watch all sorts of TV shows and sings all of their theme songs, often at maybe not the most appropriate moments, but it's so cute, who wants to stop him? He is the sweetest child I have ever known and he makes the most poignant commentaries on life.  I'll be sure to share them. And loves to tell stories....and never stops talking!

The baby of the family is hmm......we'll call her Lollies. She's a spunky little almost 3 year old. She loves to sing along with the big kids, dance, watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Dora and Diego. She isn't intimidated by her older siblings one bit - even bosses them around and takes charge of a situation she deems in need of help. She has just discovered pretty dresses and loves to dress up. If only we could get her to stop her older brother from cutting her hair, we'd be home free. Her favorite thing to say is "I Love You" and she means it.

So, that's us...the DivaDrama family. We don't live conventional lives, and even though sometimes it might be nice to have a 9-5 world, it's just not who we are! Every moment is an adventure for us, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always in it together!

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